Chaskaa Indian
An Indian Restaurant With A Flare For Fine Dining
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Chaskaa Indian
An Indian Restaurant With A Flare For Fine Dining
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Discover the Word Chaskaa

The word Chaskaa comes from a Hindi word and symbolizes a taste that gets you addicted. Indian food has a history that dates back over more than 5000 years. With so much diversified culture and traditions, every part of the the region has its own cultural, linguistic and traditional identity with their respective influence on the cuisines that can be found in a particular region. Yet, food brings us all on one table and, is enjoyed irrespective of what part or region of India you are in. As an example, you can easily find dishes from the southern part of India being enjoyed more in the Northern Part and vice-versa.

Our Chef

Our Chefs are young, dynamic and full of ideas. Having traveled extensively around different parts of India, they picked up a handful of dishes to represent different shades and taste of Indian cuisines. Unlike other Indian restaurant around the city of Edinburgh, we hate to be the invisible magicians of the kitchen and love to interact with our guests and taking feedback’s on to improve our servings to match the best up with their taste and interests. We give utmost importance to the basic preparation of our dishes as it is the core of what makes them delicious.

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Reinventing your expectations of Indian food

Perfect Takeaway

We have just the place ! Chaskaa Indian restaurant based in Leven street is a lovely Indian cuisine with a menu full of delicious authentic halal curries that are guaranteed to be the perfect takeaway treat we genuinely have a love for food and insist on using only the very best ingredients available. We endeavour to create mouthwatering and delicious Indian food to tingle your tastebuds. Our secret lies in the scrupulous mix and balance of the spices and herbs we use to create our food. We source our ingredients locally where possible & our authentic spices imported from the Indian sub continent.

Each dish is created using the finest ingredients to ensure unique character and flavour

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Chaskaa Indian Resturant

30-32 Leven Street, Edinburgh