Hyderabadi Dum Biryani In Edinburgh

Biryani is the all time favorites of many in different parts of the world. With so many cooking variations and, types of biryani, we bring to you selection of Biryani in Edinburgh with lip-smacking taste that will for sure satiate your craving.

Biryani has been into existence for decades and, has been satiating hunger for long. Hyderabadi Dum Biryani is among the most popular Indian dishes in Edinburgh, Scotland. As per reports, One on every 5 orders placed for Indian food from restaurants in United Kingdom, has Biryani as one of the item.

Ever wondered about this most loved dish origin and, how differently it is cooked around different parts of the world? This article will make you nothing less than a Pro Biryani expert. With Biryani, there have been several speculations for its origin. Some sources says that, it was brought to India by Persians. The word Biryani is supposed to come from the Persian language words “Biryan” and “Birinj” that means- to be fried before cooking and, Rice respectively.

Another theory for its Origin says that, it was used to serve as lunch to the military of Mughals. One fine day, on her visit to the army Barracks, Mumtaz Mahal, the wife of Shah Jahan (who built Taj Mahal) noticed the Mughal soldiers. They looked undernourished. This concerned her and, she decided to provide a balanced and, nutritious diet to the soldiers. So, she asked the chef’s to prepare something using Meat and, rice. It then underwent many modifications using various spices and, dried fruits like Cashews, nuts and saffron and, evolved over different parts of the world. 

Though, there are many speculations around the Origin of Biryani. The fact, that is evident is that, it entered India through the trade route of the Sindh province of the then India (before partition). The regional influences gave it many colors and, taste. But, the rice and, marinated meat are still the core ingredients of making biryani. 

- Hyderabadi Dum Biryani

The most popular among different types of biryani originated from Hyderabad. The emperor Aurangzeb of the princely state of then Hyderabad, appointed Nizam-Ul-Mulk as the new ruler of the state. Under his rule, he asked his master chefs (known as Khansama) to present different versions of biryani. The chefs presented over 50 different versions of biryani using chicken, lamb, fish, vegetable and even deer meat. The essence of the Hyderabadi dum biryani comes from the aromatic saffron that adds a whole new flavor to the dish and, also has a lot of medicinal properties.

If you are looking to experience the real authentic taste of Hyderabadi dum biryani in Edinburgh, Scotland. Try Chaskaa Indian Restaurant near Tollcross, based at Leven Street at a walking distance from popular Edinburgh attractions like King’s Theatre, Murrayfield stadium, Dominion Cinema etc. The Hyderabadi dum biryani from Chaskaa is one the best that you can find in Edinburgh.

Looking for a place to eat the best Hyderabadi dum biryani in Edinburgh, Scotland? Look no further and, visit Chaskaa Indian restaurant based at Leven Street or, place an Order now!

- Lucknowi Or, Awadhi Biryani

The Lucknowi or, also referred as Awadhi Biryani has its origin from the Northern State- Uttar Pradesh of India. The Lucknowi biryani is as popular as the Hyderabadi Biryani in India. It typically uses spices like cinnamon, saffron and, star anise as its core ingredients. Also, it differs from the Hyderabadi biryani for its unique cooking style where, the meat (usually chicken) infused with the spices is partially cooked. The rice is cooked separately from the meat and then, the meat is layered on top of the rice in a clay handi to cook together until the flavors of all are infused.

Though in Edinburgh, its hard to find any restaurant that cooks this style of Biryani. If you are looking to experience the real taste of Lucknowi Biryani, you can request the staff at Chaskaa to make one for you. Though, we do not have the Lucknowi Biryani in our menu for a reason that Hyderabadi biryani is more popular in Edinburgh than the Lucknowi one. We can certainly custom make one for you.


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