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Privacy policy

This privacy guide explains how, when and for what do we collect your personal information, the purpose for which the information is collected and how do we deal with securing and saving what part of your personal information. Before you read the entire page, it goes without saying that we do not sell, buy or use your information for any other purpose than delivering you your food or sending you updates about our latest offers or product updates.

Know Your Privacy Rights


information we collect

When you place an order, buy or redeem a voucher, contact or support team, shop  or make a reservation at our restaurant, we collect your personal information to complete your orders/bookings. 

how do we use your information?

We may use your information to serve you better with order completions, answering your support or sales requests, promoting our restaurant, complying with the applicable state or country laws and, as otherwise permissible by applicable laws.

How do we share your information?

We may share your information with our suppliers/delivery partners to get you delivered your order, complete your reservation, payment services, or as otherwise permissible by applicable laws.

What Cookies Do We use?

We may use cookies and other technologies to enhance our users experience and improve the performance of our website.

For How long do we keep your information saved?

We only keep your information about our regular visitors or customers. While we frequently send newsletters and emails to our customers and, they have an option to opt-out or request us to take their information off our systems. We generously accept such requests.

Call Monitoring

We may record the calls to improve the quality of our services and to train our staff in getting better with our customer support.

Third Party Links

A fair possibility that you may find certain links on our websites that might redirect you to our partner websites for reservations, orders and other services. Please note that we do not govern their policies and they have their own policies for Privacy and cookies listed on their respective websites that you may like to refer to.. 

Changes In The Policies

Its quite uncommon that you would find any changes in our Privacy or Cookies Policy, yet you will be notified of any changes on any part of our policies with prior notice.

Contact Us

Even though you would find all the answers you may have about us dealing with your Personal Information, you can still get in touch with us anytime for any questions you may have regarding our policy. Please feel free to write us at


Some common questions you may have with our policy

As a matter of your privacy, we do not collect or store any financial information like your credit or debit card or bank account details. Also, you cannot store any such information on our system.

All the information that we collect about our customers or clients are stored in secured servers monitored 24/7 and backed up by networking firewalls, securities and our cloud experts. We do everything possible to protect your data to be sold or used by anyone else except, when you visit their website or allow them to use your information.

Like we said, we do everything possible to keep your information safe from any breach. Although we cannot give 100% guarantee (no one actually can). This is one of the reason why we do not save your financial credentials.

You can always opt-out from receiving any emails from us or, can also request your information to be removed from our systems by dropping us  an email at

All the orders are subject to cancellation or refund with a valid reason. If you have any issues with our product feel free to reach us via our Contact Us page.

You can request a copy of the privacy and cookie policy by raising your request at

We have our servers based in United Kingdom and India. Although, the local laws in India do not provide the same level of data protection as those in Europe still, your personal data is adequately protected by EU Commission-approved standard contractual clauses (which have been implemented pursuant to Article 42 (2) of the GDPR) or the EU-US Privacy Shield.

We do not knowingly collect or store any personal information about children under the age of 13 and we do not offer any of our products or services directly to children under the age of 13.