About Chaskaa

Our Roots

The word Chaskaa in Hindi means good taste. Unlike most of the Indian restaurants in the city that only serve British Indian or North Indian cuisine, our aim is to bring to you a selection of dishes from various culinary regions of India.

As a country, India has varied and complex cooking styles. Food till date is made from what is produced locally. Though products, spices and ingredients vary from region to region. Our master chefs have traveled extensively, researched and collected recipes to present the best of the vast subcontinent.

Whether it is the flavorsome Lamb Shakuti of coastal Goa, the robust caraway spiced Amritsari fish from the Punjab or, the humble roadside favorite Highway Chicken Tikka. Our creation and taste will mesmerize you

Our Introduction

The idea to bring Indian culture and represent its food across Edinburgh had us come up with Chaskaa Indian Restaurant. Since the inception of it, we knew that its not just an idea but, is a huge responsibility to be representing Indian food and, mark our presence. Its been said in India that, the way to a Persons heart goes through his/her stomach. With that being said, and with so much of love and business we have received from our Customers, we continue to be one of the finest and best Indian food restaurant that you can find in Edinburgh.

The secret to most of the Indian cuisine comes from its distinct mixture of spices and ingredients that invariably gives the food its texture, aroma and taste. At Chaskaa, we bring to you few of the finest and most popular dishes that travels all the way from different regions of India and have it served at your table in Edinburgh.